Tablet PCs & OSCAR McMaster™

Tablet PCs work well with OSCAR McMaster and many other applications. As with all technologies, it has limitations and there a number of features that may not be obvious when you first use it. We suggest that everyone tries them out to see first-hand what they are like and to use this article as a guide for how to use them.

This article was originally written in April 2010 by Roy Miller, an executive at CanEMR Medical Solutions, who has used Tablet PCs and pen-based computing for over two decades. Although passionate for Tablet PCs, he receives no financial benefits from their sales other than they make his work so much more enjoyable and productive.

Periodic updates to this article have been made by Roy as summarized below:

Article Significant Change Log
2010-04-17 New: Article on-line
2010-04-21   Add: Tablet use in entering and editing diagrams, pictures, etc.
2010-04-21 Add: Information about use of tablets during collaborative remote communications
2010-04-21 Add: Information about Corel Grafigo 2 tablet-specific drawing assistant
2010-06-01 Add: Pointer to YouTube video of HP tablet demonstration
2010-08-17 Rev. Add info on new HP tm2-2050 tablet that is replacing the older HP tm2-1070 model.
2010-08-20 Add: Reading books on your tablet using Kobo eReader
2010-10-03 Add. New HP tm2-2150 tablet released as a follow on to the tm2-2050 model.
2010-11-07 Add: New HP Slate 500 tablet better for medical use than iPad?
2011-03-01 Rev: Updated prices and availability information and minor changes throughout.
2011-07-06 Rev: Updated information on the HP Slate 500 tablet and the new (July 2011) release of the HP TouchPad and how they differ.

What is a Tablet PC?

Tablet Modes


Tablet Mode

Tablet Pen

What the Pen Does

Handwriting on the Tablet

OSCAR Tablet Usage

Tablet Specific Programs

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